please don’t think of me
as one of those parents
who compares their kids

because, tho i am –
i’m really not

i mean it’s not comparing them
to say one is better than the other
or to freak out about the differences

i just find them

so – that being said

i am ever amazed
at the hugeness of christopher
compared to the tinyness of benjamin


this is christopher in september of 1999
he would have been around 16 months
so beyond the fact that he’s walking
look at the shoes on his feet


these are them

now look at benjamin’s feet


and by the way those pants
are 12M pants
they don’t stay on his butt
and they’re way too long

but back to the feet


look at the comparison:


christopher was wearing size 3 at 10 months
and he was walking by 10 1/2 months

no wonder people are shocked
when i tell them benjamin is 16 months old

just a few more fun comparison shots

cci00049.jpg   dsc02219.jpg
timmy-about 16 months    benjamin – about 16 months

cci00050.jpg   dsc02300.jpg
christopher-38 months       zachary-37 months

mostly i just this they’re all
super cute and adorable!!


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