the past 6 months


i started working full time 6 months ago

it brings new meaning to having no time

here are some snap shots of things that have happened in the past 6 months

turning 5



class trip to DC – boarding the bus @ 11:30pm to start the ride…



enjoying a long fall with leaf jumping



performances of “charlie and the chocolate factory” (mr. bucket, charlie’s dad)





turning 10 with trick candles



a winter without snow!



a ride on the “polar express”



celebrating christmas



winter concert


turning 7 with an actual (extended family) party



losing our first tooth (and then another, which was lost on the turf field during soccer never to be seen again!)



a week in costa rica (front row, 3rd from left)



starting renovation



making progress on renovation



orchestra spring concert



starting more renovation

and many things i don’t have pictures of


spring flowers before easter

physical therapy for a lingering problematic elbow

decade celebration assemblies as our elementary school celebrates it’s 50th anniversary

basketball games in the driveway

fishing with friends

class parties at school

and i’m sure there’s even more

my new new year’s resolution is to take more pictures and keep up to date!




[this post was started about 6 months ago – i was stopped as i tried to get the video off the video camera – i think it’s time to just post it!]

the annual elementary fun run/walk was this morning…

they have the kids run in 2 groups (k-2 and 3-5) so zachary and benjamin ran first

we sent  with them so neither one of us had to run! :)

they start the race with a starter pistol – it took 2 shots for both races – there were lots of giggles

it’s always amazing to me that more kids don’t get run over – the beginning of the race is a bit intense

at this point i was wondering where bemjamin was – i knew cj was with him i was just hoping he wasn’t having to carry him

they finally came around – and he did ask me shortly after this picture to carry him – but he finished on his own

hair still firey – easy to spot!

this picture makes me smile because it looks like he’s just waiting for everyone else to go ahead (which may be the case)

the boy has a pretty amazing ability to pace himself…

at this point he’s taken the lead – he only one in front of him is the gym teacher who’s acting as the pace car for the race.

this is the last bit before entering the track for the final lap. mr. chase kept looking back because at this point timmy was increasing his pace – i think he expected to have to encourage him, but instead found himself having to kick it up a notch to keep in front of timmy.

(video by christopher)

people were coming up to me afterwards “did you see his finish??”

i think the boy was born to run.

the second best part was that the only thing christopher had to say to him after he finished was “you’re going out for track, right?”

this one’s for you and me


it happened again

and more than anything
i have been struck by

his strength
his grace
his perseverance
his peace

it has been a humbling lesson for me
i strive to be more like him

probably his favorite song these days
*unedited version – some strong language*

you and i know what it’s like
to be kicked down
forced to fight
but tonight we’re alright
so hold up your lights
let it shine

’cause this one’s for you and me
livin’ out our dreams
we’re all right where we should be
lift my arms out wide
and i open my eyes
now all i want to see
is a sky full of lighters

and i don’t know if it speaks to him the same way it does to me

but i know one day
he’ll be standing there
surrounded by the lights