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first day of school


a new journey




around here is feels like the beginning of growing up

changing teachers for subjects in school

starting to play an instrument

first choral concerts

travel sports

arranging his own play dates


he’s always been more independent than my oldest

more opinionated

more sure

more stubborn

more self initiated

i think that makes him seem older

it’s hard to imagine that his ‘time at home’ is half over

i’m sure that the remaining time will be nothing if not adventerous

i’m looking forward to watching it unfold

what we’ve been doing over the last 3 months


pouting while feeling left out.
(while mommy planted in the garden)

turning 12.

art show.


making wishes.

3rd grade zoo trip.

6th grade science rocket launch.

preschool zoo trip.


power point presentations.

end of school fun days.

(representative picture – 2 other boys playing as well)

last days with awesome teachers.



and fireflies.


independent wardrobe choices.

more baseball.

trip to ripken baseball academy in aberdeen, md.
(more in another post)


voice lessons
soccer camps
cello lessons
baseball camps
playing with friends
playing outside
visitors from afar
going to the park
riding bikes

and trying to find some time to just relax.


holiday medley


i know this is a bit late
but i still wanted to share
for those far away

pop chorus

timmy’s whole school christmas sing-a-long
(the turn out was a.m.a.z.i.n.g. i have never seen sooo many people at the school at one time – we couldn’t even get inside the gym – but it was still fun!)

(this is the final song of the concert – a combined effort with all 3 orchestras – 6th , 7th and 8th – again and again i am blown away by the music programs that my children are blessed with – i am brought to tears – literally – at every performance – and almost now just thinking about it – i’m such a sap!!)

hope you enjoyed!
happy holidays!

another chuckle


last nite timothy was reading this book


he would read the riddles out loud
and chris and cj were guessing the answers

he got to this page
second riddle


and he got picky
the answer had to be exactly like it was printed

we came up with many close approximations
to which he replied

oh you’re so close!!

[another guess]

you’re right on the tip!!!

[another guess]

you’re right on the tip of the needle
you just can’t fall off!!!!!

just had to laugh at that one
he was soooo earnest



i have appreciated discovering
that timothy has a sense of perservence
that seems to allude others

this was again demonstrated to me
when it was the day before valentine’s parties at school
and he was sick sick sick
(like puking, more than once)
but insisted on making homemade valentines


and not only homemade
but ones that he individually colored
(inbetween pukes)
for every kid and every teacher he has in his class
plus one for his principal

i got the templates off the internet
there was a version that was in color
but he didn’t want those
he wanted to do it himself
and he did


too bad the next day
school was cancelled