snowy day



i love this book

today made me think of this book

last night it snowed
a lot


here’s our sidewalk
and yes, there’s as much snow there as you think



i would say we got about a foot

and there’s more coming

“another 6-12 inches or more”

the nice thing is that is wasn’t too cold
near freezing
but not too windy

nice enough to be outside


so while some worked to clear the snow



others played



but soon everyone joined the fun
(too bad we’d already cleared the top of the driveway)


fun times

the only thing
that would have made
this day better
is if it was november
instead of march


2 responses »

  1. ang, i have missed your laugh.

    and as i watch your brood in the snow all i can think of is the laundry that kind of play creates…and how wonderful that you go for it.

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