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first day of school


a new journey

christmas lights


this is the second year we have gone with grandpa tex and grandma deb to the fairground to see the light displays

we go to dinner first

drive through the giant light displays

and then walk through the buildings with all kinds of holiday fun

they have real reindeer pulling a sleigh

magic shows

light and music show

train and other rides

then i took the little ones to see santa

being goofy in line

definitely the longest wait of the night

after they told him what they wanted he said
‘now that’s quite a list…you’re going to have to be a little better if i’m going to bring you all that.’

zachary looked confused and horrified

santa continued:
‘you didn’t think i saw you but i did – fighting with your brother like that last week – you better stop that…’

can’t remember what all he actually said
but that was the gist of it
zachary looked like he was going to burst into tears
he looked at me
i just smiled and said ‘tell him ok!’

not really what i was looking for in a visit to santa
will probably skip that next year

all things considered the boys love the trip
and there’s something fun about being cold and walking around
that just feels right this time of year

‘real’ soccer


zachary has finished his first season of soccer

he had an absolute blast
and was so excited to get his very own trophy

i have also decided that i will never again pay for sports pics of my kids



and next year this guys gets to play too!

what we’ve been doing over the last 3 months


pouting while feeling left out.
(while mommy planted in the garden)

turning 12.

art show.


making wishes.

3rd grade zoo trip.

6th grade science rocket launch.

preschool zoo trip.


power point presentations.

end of school fun days.

(representative picture – 2 other boys playing as well)

last days with awesome teachers.



and fireflies.


independent wardrobe choices.

more baseball.

trip to ripken baseball academy in aberdeen, md.
(more in another post)


voice lessons
soccer camps
cello lessons
baseball camps
playing with friends
playing outside
visitors from afar
going to the park
riding bikes

and trying to find some time to just relax.


parallel play


par′ alleladj. being or moving in concert, n. a resemblance

coop′ erative adj. working with others

play – v. act out; perform; participate in a game – n. a dramatic performance


par′ allel playn. children play next to one another, doing much the same thing, but they interact very little


coop′ erative play –n. children truly join forces to achieve a common goal; they act as a pair or group, dividing their labor and coordinating their activities in a meaningful way


par′ allel coop′ erative play –n. when your older brothers won’t let you be the bigger-than-life-sized monster that destroys their troopers so you enlist your little brother and mimic the play of the older two, on the other side of the room, in ‘real life’

just listening
you could have imagined they were playing all together

tho’ the lingo in one pair
was definitely more aptly used
than in the other

you will be rebel friend trooper

i will be enemy tropper

captian friend!! captain friend!! do you read me?

i’ll let you decide which was which