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in indy


we got to spend a couple of days in indy with my family over the holidays

always good to be with family

all good family gatherings should start with a nerf war, right?

someone's getting ambushed!

there was also a lot of game playing – didn’t seem to get any pictures of that though…

ready to sled!

retrieving the sled from the woods - note to self: at the top of the hill one must hold on to the sled!

this was the first time for some (most likely the only time any remember) and they had a blast

wish that i had video of the very first ride – cj & timmy had no idea what they were doing
ended up heading straight for a bump? ramp? not sure what it was, but they caught some serious air – it was really hilarious!!

we also visited theĀ  Children’s Muesum of Indianapolis

the dinosphere

it was a bit loud for some

exploring in dinosphere

becoming a t-rex

like most museums of its kind it had way more to see and do than we could in the day that we had

waiting in line for the slide

awesome water clock with slide in the background

somehow i missed them going DOWN the slide!

listening to a story

watching the rube goldberg machine - timmy could have stayed there for hours

more of the machine

three story glass sculpture

images from the ceiling

which just means that we’ll have to go back again sometime!

christmas images


hat tree

waiting for santa

presents under the tree

christmas morning

baby jesus can stand!!

don't think he meant to look like the cover...

this way they can see when we make them dig drainage tunnels in the back yard

one of many new games

not many people can say they own a gun as big as they are

christmas lights


this is the second year we have gone with grandpa tex and grandma deb to the fairground to see the light displays

we go to dinner first

drive through the giant light displays

and then walk through the buildings with all kinds of holiday fun

they have real reindeer pulling a sleigh

magic shows

light and music show

train and other rides

then i took the little ones to see santa

being goofy in line

definitely the longest wait of the night

after they told him what they wanted he said
‘now that’s quite a list…you’re going to have to be a little better if i’m going to bring you all that.’

zachary looked confused and horrified

santa continued:
‘you didn’t think i saw you but i did – fighting with your brother like that last week – you better stop that…’

can’t remember what all he actually said
but that was the gist of it
zachary looked like he was going to burst into tears
he looked at me
i just smiled and said ‘tell him ok!’

not really what i was looking for in a visit to santa
will probably skip that next year

all things considered the boys love the trip
and there’s something fun about being cold and walking around
that just feels right this time of year



kind of failed to get good costume pics this year

zachary and benjamin with thier friend zoe

timmy and his friend edward

really fuzzy picture of cj in the background (he was a gangster)

and here are three of the boys with their pumpkins…

(timmy’s was 2-sided – and i’m not sure what he ate but it kind of looks like he cleaned out the pumpkin with his face; pretty sure he didn’t…)

overall much fun was had…much candy was acquired

i suppose we call that a success!