next project(s)


these came in the mail yesterday

6 dwarf burning bushes
and 3 variegated weigela bushes

the burning bushes will go in front of a fence
(that isn’t in yet)
to the left of the garage
to give a bit of privacy
and help the little ones not wander so far

the weigela i think will go here

the measuring tape is between 2 sticks
and there is a third all the way to the right
this is a huge pine tree
with “insufficient roots”
that needs to be taken down
(also has not happened yet)

i got these to put in that same place
in front of the bushes

to make a hummingbird garden

i will also put some of these over in the butterfly garden

i’m excited to try and grow things from seed
we’ll see how excited i am in a couple of months

wish me luck!

now i just have to convince my husband
to put up a 20 foot fence
and cut down a 60 foot tree

what do you suppose the chances of that are?


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  1. Good luck! Some seeds are easier to grow than others, so this may be a year of learning what works and what doesn’t. I’m excited to see what works for you!

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