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this is the garden more finished
with some plants

basil. rosemary. red peppers. green peppers.
(and an empty pot waiting for some mint)

(and another the same with cherry tomatoes)

(and some weeds)

(that was decimated the one time i didn’t get the gates back up)

still waiting to harvest anything
but there are some fruits still developing
so hope remains

other flowers


aside from the surprise yucca that seems to have decided to move into our yard
the irises that my mom so diligently transplanted started blooming this year!

here are the varieties that bloomed this spring

when i told zachary the name of these flowers
he looked at me confused for a bit and then said

like grandma iris?
(who is the grandma of one of his preschool friends)

made me smile!

mystery plant


anyone know what this is?

it sprang up in a bed that had only irises
(and weeds)

and unlike all the other weeds
there were no others like it

bottom view

top view


seems too beautiful to be a weed!