there’s something about mary


when i was 3 years old, i fell in love.
her name was mary
she was 4

mary is a leader
she knows what she wants
and she gets it
she makes sure of it

but she is also loving
and gentle
a great teacher
a fun playmate
with beautiful eyes
and an engaging smile

mary goes to storytime the same time as zachary
last tuesday we went to mary’s house for lunch
zachary had a wonderful time

now every day i hear
where is mary go, mamma?
mary is at her house.
i will go to mary’s house.
mary does…
mary teached me.

it’s all about mary.

mary is the younger sister
of one of christopher’s friends
they play baseball together
and wrestle together

over the next few years
we will get to see a lot of mary

and we can hardly wait


there’s something about mary…


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  1. First loves are very sweet. If Mary knows what’s good for her she’ll stick with such a sweet boy!

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