paradise island


we took a trip to a place called paradise island
while i may debate that fact it was a lot of fun

we went first thing in the morning when it opened
and we were prepared to spend the day there
or at least as long as everyone involved was still having fun

christopher got the all day pass
this gave him free access to swimming
lasar tag and rock climbing
a lot of fun to be had!!

the rest of us just got swimming passes
also a lot of fun

benjamin spent the first 30 minutes crying
and trying to climb up into my body
i think it was a bit overstimulating

between the 50+ kids
and all the pouring water
in what was essentially
2 hotel pool rooms put together
it was almost a bit much for me

but he acclimated eventually
and was able to have a bit of fun
before we broke for lunch

we debated the pluses and minuses
of staying there to eat
and decided to just go for it
it’s spring break – live a little!
so we found a booth
in the dark jungle

complete with “sunlight”
making patterns
through the “leaves”

the big boys waited upstairs

after lunch we played a few games in the arcade

and then just hung out

and played around

while waiting for the big boys to finish

fun was had by all
and it was glorious to spend a day
without bickering
or fighting
hurting, yelling, antagonizing, crying

except for benjamin when he was tired
and discovered that mamma had left
both his cup and his binki at home



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