this morning
as i was getting timmy’s school snack ready
zachary tried to get a spoon out of the drawer
i told him no – he didn’t need to get a spoon
i came back a minute later and his hand
was in the drawer…

i took it out
and told him no, again

he walked over and stood by the dishwasher
arms crossed
chin down
pouty face

i looked at him
he looked at me
i went on with what i was doing
he said

“i so mad at you, mama!”

“you’re so mad at me?”


“are you angry because i wouldn’t let you have a spoon?”


we continued our discussion
about why he wanted a spoon
and made a plan
to get a spoon later
that worked for both of us

that his ability to discuss
and problem solve
the way i’ve taught him
seems to surpass that
of his older siblings!

i am one proud mama!!


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  1. Sounds like my interactions with the puppy, except she doesn’t ever stop trying to get what I don’t want her to get, and we don’t ever get to resolve things by talking it out. But the first part I can relate to!!

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