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these are 9 things that represent christopher to me

things he does
things he enjoys
things he is good at

there could be many more:
video games
his brothers

but these are the first nine
that i thought of
and captured

in an attempt to save
9 years old for him

i’ve been thinking a lot
about the activities he’s in
things he chooses to do
what’s important to him


and i wonder
in 2 years
in 5 years
in 10 years

what will still be important
what will he continue to enjoy
be pationate about
be active in

and what will get left behind
not gone from him completely
as everything that he does
continuously melds him into
the person he is becoming
but rather
a part of his past
his yesterday

and i worry about the role i play in that

should i encourage him to continue
the things i think
in the future
he will be thankful are still a part of his life

or leave it all to
“the fates”
or chance
or choice
or divine will
whatever you want to call
the forces that move the process
of life’s journey

my job as a parent is
to guide
to protect
to expose
to watch
to aide
to teach
to limit
to allow

and so much more

but where are the lines?
where is the direction
that will best suit
not so little anymore
little boy…


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  1. What a beautiful description of Christopher. That you took the time to be conscious of who he is will help you know your role. Keep your heart open for direction.

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