promised pictures


here are some pics of the antique singer machine that i rescued from the curb:dsc00141.jpg     dsc00145.jpg

and here it is in our living room (all closed up) where it was until last week when i rearranced everything – i’ll post updated pics of the house as soon as my battery charges!



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  1. That’s an awesome find!! These machines are turning up everywhere. My dad also snatched one from the crub. Then just last week Nolan and I got one from my dad’s cousin…it had been in her basement for years and she asked if I wanted it. Of course..hook me up! Oh and there is no shame in picking up someone’s left overs…better than it going to the dump!

  2. I can hardly wait to see both of your finds, Ang and Nancy. This is a beautiful piece of furniture and I’m glad you found it!

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