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i caved and this is now in our yard

end of the season clearance

some of us are very excited!

we used it once and then temps dropped into the 60s
and never really recovered

here’s to hoping for an early spring and a hot summer!



call it what ever you want
it’s to be a place for them to go
to get away from everything electronic
(in my mind)
and just have fun doing…whatever

filling in the foundation

required moving lots of dirt
luckily we are also trying to dig out a trench in the back
to keep our house from flooding (not so lucky)
but at least we were able to kill 2 birds with 1 stone!

putting down the floor

walls up

checking out the inside
(notice the temperature fluctuation!!)

loft in
putting up roof

see the small chip above the door?
saved us like $700 on the price of this shed!

shingles going on

finished (sort of)

now we have to paint, put something inside over ceiling to protect from roof nails
cover walls, etc. inside
fill with cool stuff

and enjoy!!



we’ve finally joined the rest of the world
and have weather that allows us to enjoy the outdoors once again
(though it still gets really cold at nite – like 36!)

the first visitors to our animal sanctuary are usually these ducks

this year the boys fed them so they came closer than they had in the past

this was another fun one!
i didn’t realize that garter snakes sunned themselves in trees
(or bushes as the case may be)

it also means the beginning of ‘project’ season

this year includes a garden

and a fort!

(for starters…)



life is a bit cloudy these days

so many angry moments

things needing to be fixed
taken care of

never enough time

i am thankful though
for small miracles

and joyful endings

after long days
and work successfully completed