fun run


every fall the elementary schools host a fun run for the students and their families to promote wellness.

the boys have both participated in the past and were excited to do so again this year.

 i think it was the coldest morning we’ve had so far this season
*and maybe since!*
and zachary had a cough so chris stayed home with him and i took the boys.

in the past chris has run with them in the race so this was the first year they ran on their own – they both did great!

they run in 2 groups (k-2 & 3-5) – timmy went first and came in right around 10:30 (the race is one mile). he was pretty happy with his time but, (i think this quote is pretty exact), “wow – i could have beat that if i hadn’t stopped to walk and get a drink of water!”

cj did really well also – he came in further up in the pack than i expected him to – his time was right around 8 minutes!

it’s a good thing i had benjamin in the sling as an excuse not to run with them – they would have thoroughly embarassed me!!

here are some pics from the morning:


doing warm ups before the race
*to hannah montana – yikes!*


timmy coming into the finish line


cj finishing


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