Seriously? Seriously?!? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?????


it’s times like this that i am AMAZED that i still have four children…

i’m cleaning in the piano room, the boys are in the family room,
*on the opposite side of the house*
supposedly doing their homework…

i hear that sound
the sound of disaster
the sound of glass shattering
no, not shattering

so i clamly walk into the eating area which is covered
*10 ft x 10 ft area*
in broken glass

what just happened?!??!


what broke?!?!

christopher threw a big round light bulb, but i told him to…


what made you think that that was a good idea??!?
what did you think would happen??


zachary could have been hurt!
*he was sitting in the opposite corner of the eating area*

no, i threw it all the way over there away from him.


what does a mom do with that??

eta: you take away computer, tv and video games ufn!


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  1. yeah, wow, that is a moment that jerry looks really wide-eyed and says:

    what makes them think this is okay?

    i tend to say:

    you are lucky i am your mom.

    tho maybe not sometimes.

    i know your boys are blessed to have you!

  2. yeah, see, i don’t think so, i mean, i know i didn’t and i don’t really remember things like that going on – but maybe my brothers or my parents would have different recollections??

  3. I can’t say I recollect anything of that nature. Is it a societal difference? (Is societal a word?) Is destruction so much a part of what is shown by the media that it becomes the norm?

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