Grandpa’s Cookies


So we were shopping in BJ’s a couple of weeks ago (big wholesale store)
and we passed the same woman a couple of times
she would smile at the boys
then she stopped me and gave me a coupon flyer
she didn’t know if we’d be able to use any of them
but she didn’t need them,
they were expiring that day and she thought to pass them on,
which was wonderful.
Getting only what we already had in our cart
and a few things that we usually buy there
(like cereal, plastic cups)
but hadn’t gotten that time because we didn’t *need* them
we ended up saving $25 using the coupons!
That was a lot of fun!!

But what does this have to do with Grandpa’s cookies?

One of the things that I got
was a tub of Pilsbury chocolate chip cookie dough
and today I made a dozen cookies
to have for after school snack.

*I totally felt like June Cleaver
with my cookie and milk snack
for the boys after school – 
only I forgot to put on my dress and heels!*

They each ate like 1/2 a cookie and were done
Timmy says, “These aren’t as good as Grandpa’s.”
CJ says, “Yeah – I’m done.”
and that was it
So I have 3 1/2-cookies
(Zachy also ate only 1/2),
9 untouched cookies
and enough cookie dough to make like 72 more…

…hopefully there will be a bake sale soon!

*and maybe grandpa will read this and send us some really yummy cookies!!*


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