My littlest boy…



…who is getting soo big!!

Benjamin had his “6 month” check-up (a bit closer to 7 months, but who’s counting!!)

He weighs 16 pounds and is 25.5 inches long. (About 25th percentile in both – I’m glad he’s staying little for me for now!)

He’s a very relaxed little guy – I just realized about a month ago that he was already 6 months old…I thought of him as much younger because he wasn’t sitting or even rolling over yet. When I realized how old he really was I got a little worried (emphasis on little there – I’m really not much of a worrier!) He would twist his body up onto his side, then arch his back and spin in a circle, his head acting as the center point. He could also scoot himself across the floor on his back by again, arching his back and pushing really hard with his legs, arch-push-scoot, arch-push-scoot…he doesn’t seem to really be going anywhere – just enjoying moving!
SO we made some concerted effort to have floor/tummy time – and in about a day and a half he was rolling from back to front. A couple more days and I see him go front to back.
Yet most of the time he still just lies there, playing with his toys either on his side or his back – not because he can’t, he just doesn’t seem to see the point.
Same thing with sitting – there are times that I hold his hands and he will sit straight up – but most of the time he’s content to slump into a pile, roll on his side and hang out!
(His newest fun thing is to stand while on your lap – it brings him GREAT joy!!)

He is, however, making great strides in the area of linguistics! He says, “Gaa-Gaa” and “Daa-Daa”, he loves making “raspberries”. This morning Christopher was “talking” with him and proclaims, “Mom – Benjamin can say ‘Hey!'” Upon listening more closely to their conversation I would have to agree that he does a pretty good approximation! He has also developed a “yell” that he will use to attract attention when he feels that he is getting slighted!

The world seems to be enamoured by him (and I can fully see why!!). Every where we go, we are stopped by young and old alike – it seems everyone loves babies!! And he is always ready to engage and put on a show for anyone who will watch! I don’t think he has yet not to grace an attention-giver with a beaming smile!!


So, we will leave you with a kiss


and a hope that, someday soon, we can grace your cheek with our messy slobber!!


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