First Communion…



 Christopher celebrated his First Communion on May 6.

It is something that he has been asking about for awhile now and I am glad that he was able to do it. He has been showing more interest in going to church, which makes my heart glad!

Just a couple of shots taken that day…

The whole family


The boys…


And one of just CJ in his suit!!


On an aside…when we got home I hung the suit in the closet in the family. (Why? not sure, I guess I thought I should try and keep it nice and it was the closest closet – don’t usually put clothes away, you know!!)
So the next evening, I see the suit lying in a heap on the bench in the family room. I stop, I think…”I did put that away, right???”
I ask CJ, and he says, sheepishly, “I just wanted to wear it again, and I’ll never have another chance too!”
(Is this MY kid???!?)
So I assured him that he has 2 weddings to go to this fall and that he would be able to wear his suit to both of those! That seemed to satisfy him because it’s stayed in the closet since!! :)


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  1. i am teary looking at these pictures for a variety of reasons, but mostly because if we were together again our kids would pair up once again so wonderfully and there would be a baby for me to hold….cj looks beautiful, what a wonderful ritual of life…missing you like crazy, love, kristin

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