My newest (but not really new) favorite picture


I found a roll of b&w film that hadn’t been developed in a drawer recently…I couldn’t even remember what was on it – so I took it to get developed (more anticipation and joy than Christmas in my book!!) and when I picked up the prints I discovered my new favorite photo…


“brotherly love”

Whenever there is chaos in my house (which is always)

Whenever there are young voices yelling at each other (which is often)

Whenever there is chasing that turns “real” (more than I’d like)

and ends up in hitting…or kicking…or spitting…or punching…
(or tackling, pushing, tripping, wrestling, or anything else that I’ve blocked out)

I look over at this picture and I remember that they really do love each other.

That if push came to shove…

they’d have each other’s backs…

it would be them against the world!


and forever into the future.

Because that’s what family is all about.

 And brothers are family.



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