spring concert


christopher had his spring choral concert
they did a very nice job
and their teacher had some very good things to say
about their intrinsic motivation as a whole group
their ability to focus and work
with only the motivation of “making good music”

that makes me happy

we (as a family) were all able to sit and enjoy the concert

with only minimal distractions required

here’s on of the songs they did

eta funny conversation:
we were coming home from school a few weeks ago
christopher was telling me about the songs they were singing
and the different parts in the songs (“some sing high, some sing low”)
we were discussing the different parts in a choir

soprano :: alto :: tenor :: bass

he said i sing the high part, does that make me a soprano?

i told him because he was a boy he would be a tenor
and he says
i’m not a tenor, i’m a ninor!


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