birthday prep and crazy hair


i had the cakes made
and was working on dinner
and clearing the table
so the cake was moved to a chair

umm yeah. not sure what i was thinking

sheer dismay and panic

mom – zachary is eating my birthday cake! both of them!!

i said that’s christopher’s birthday cake…

the look on the face of that small boy
was enough to break anyone’s heart
he burst into tears and went running upstairs

i reassured cj that his cake would be fine
and then i went to talk to zachy

but mamma – i yuv chocyet most of all…

i told him i knew this to be true
but that it wasn’t ok to eat cake
unless mamma tells you it’s ok

oh – tears flowing again

i reassured him that i could fix the cake
and told him he could help
while cj was at soccer practice

he was game so later on we worked some magic

all things considered i think it turned out just fine

and now crazy hair

it’s always fun when little ones
finally get enough hair to be messed up
we had alfredo for dinner
and of course it ended up in the hair

i used a wet washcloth and cleaned it up
but i guess alfredo requires soap
because his hair was standing up rather well

kind of gives one the giggles


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  1. oh, happy birthday, dear cj.

    and wow, what a day you had…sounds about right.

    and i love that picture of the crazy hair…beautiful.

    bless you all!

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