mama, i stuck!


i was upstairs getting benjamin up from his nap this morning when i hear zachy calling me from the music room

“mama! mama!!”

i call back to tell him that i’m upstairs

“mama! mama!”
tinkling on the piano
accompianied by the blowing of a penny whistle

i’m impressed that he can play both at once
“i hear your music zachy, it sounds great”
(him louder)
“mama! maaaamaaaa!”

(me louder)
“yes, zachy – i hear your music! it’s beautiful!!”

“i not play music – i stuck!”

well crap! guess i’d better go check this out…


“i stuck, mama. hold you please.”

he had climbed
     up from the bench
          to the keys
               to get the whistle
                    (his flute as he calls it)

but i guess it was too far to get back

how could i be mad
we had talked soooo many times
about not screaming and crying
when he needs help with something
and he had done just what i had asked
*so appropriately*
(just call for me and tell me the problem)

we did talk, though
about the safety
(or lack there of)
of such endeavors

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  1. He loves that flute. He was talking about his flute in Kansas. It’s very nice to see a picture of him with it. Oh and I love that he isn’t wearing pants.

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