my sister recently got married

i’ve been married for 10 plus years

the story you’re about to hear is true:

both of our husbands are accountants

both of our husbands really like football

both of our husband’s political views don’t always mesh with those of our family of origin

both of our husbands were raised catholic

now, they are not clones, because there are parts of my husband’s personality that i say are just like my sister (i.e. need for control, dislike for change), and i think that her husband is a bit less like this (hence, them being able to be married to each other)

but when i saw this i had to chuckle…


this is a lamp that my husband got for me one of our first christmases together

i love it because he got it for me,
not necessarily my taste
wouldn’t have gotten it for myself
but he got it for me, so i have it

the night before my sister got married we were at her house
just hanging out
and my husband asked about this:


she said aaron gave it to her
he asked if she liked it
she said, “yeah.”

he was satisfied
as he has never felt that his gift
got the appreciation that it should.

on the other hand
knew there was more…

so i asked her if she really liked the lamp
she said, yeah…

because he got it for me,
not necessarily my taste
wouldn’t have gotten it for myself
but he got it for me, so…

i smiled
so very familiar
another similarity…

some inner genetic drive?
some subconscious environmental factor?

i find it amusing
a good tale to tell

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  1. I don’t care what anybody says that is one cool lamp!!!

    If I remember correctly I also got that for her the first Christmas we were together, which kind of adds to the similarities. Kind of strange. I guess I won’t get her any lamps this year for Christmas.

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