Wedding #1


this September my sis got married in ks

we took a plane ride to be a part of the festivities
it was good to see family and friends again
and the boys had a blast!!

zachy wasn’t so sure about the plane rides – as the first plane was landing he started asking to go home – he didn’t stop the entire time we were in ks. every time he was tired, or hurt, or sad he wanted to, “go home. go momma’s house?”
now he asks everyday to go on an airplane to “grampagramma’s house”!

christopher and timmy got to distribute programs at the ceremony – we got sooo many compliments on them – it’s good for parents to hear these things – it helps to mediate the perception that we develop which can be heavily influence by the chaotic, disasterous interactions that are saved only for us!
they loved having a part in the celebration, it really made them feel special and important – thanks, auntie mo, for finding a place for them!

and then there was the reception – everyone had a grand time!! momma got to chat with people – the boys found some new friends – and then they danced the nite away!! we had to pull them off the dance floor to get them back to the hotel (“just one more?” “just let me say good-bye to everyone!”)
thanks to all my sis’s friends for allowing them to join in your celebrations – they loved it and again, it made them feel very special to be included in your dancing!!

here are a couple of pics:

timmy and my sister at the reception (lost the jacket, tie and vest – too hot for dancing!!)


zachy playing peek-a-boo with some spoons

cj & zachy tearing up the dance floor


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