New shoes


Got to the grocery store the other day after taking Daddy his lunch – we needed bread and toilet paper – Benjamin, asleep in his car seat, loaded into the cart – CJ waiting outside the truck – Zachy climbs into the cart…then Timmy exits the truck – with no shoes!

I say, “Where are your shoes?”
“I thought they were in the truck…”
Now what?

Luckily there is a Target next to the grocery store.

Luckily I had already determined that new shoes would be needed for school as there are no more “left overs” from big brother –
at this stage shoes were worn out before they were out grown.

So we make the trek across the parking lot and find our way to the shoe aisle…
soooo many choices – Spiderman, Superman, Transformers…
we try on many pairs of shoes…

First we find a pair of all black “skater” shoes – the joy when they fit!

Then a pair of “hiking boot” shoes – and again, they fit,
and they have drawstrings instead of ties…sooo easy!!

And lastly, a nice clean, white pair of running shoes…

Oh the face of wonder at these amazing treasures…then,

“I will pick these.”

“No – you get to have them all.”

And, if possible, the wonder increases ten fold.

Who knew that $25 worth of shoes could bring sooo much joy –

now, if only the teenage years could be so easy!


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