He doesn’t look like anyone!


Now, obviously, this statement is a little ridiculous – he obviously looks like himself…
but this is what I hear all the time regarding Benjamin.

Yes, the rest of us have brown eyes
his are blue
his hair is light
(Zachy’s still is a bit)
but the others have gone brown…

but, to me they still all look alike – or at least related…
what do you think?


(Just an aside…couldn’t you just eat them ALL up!?!!)

headshot5.jpg          headshot4.jpg           headshot6.jpg


Or, does he look like this little lady?

headshot1.jpg        headshot21.jpg

(who just happens to be his great-grandmother)

So, yes he is related to us…

and he looks a little like everyone
and no one
except himself


2 responses »

  1. oh my, he is edible!!!! they all are!!!! i am actually surprised how different they look lined up right in a row…i think of them as clones.

    so sweet.

    glad to see them again.


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