52 cents…


A short time ago Christopher went shopping with Chris to spend a significant amount of money that he had acquired through birthday and first communion presents. After getting himself a couple of treasures he decided to spend some of the money to get surprises for Timmy and Zachy! Much joy filled the house that day…of giving, of recieving, of watching your child put others ahead of himself…

Just the other day Timmy came to us, fist closed tight, and said…

“I have my money,
I want to go and get something
for Christopher and Zachy,
like Christopher did.
I have 52 cents!!”

…opening his hand and revealing the precious quarters and pennies…

Oh, the earnestness, the anticipation of more joy…how could we not encourage that??

“Of course you can go with daddy and get something for your brothers!”

Minutes later he returns…so sad, so upset,

“Christopher said I would only be able to get a couple of suckers or something!”

He was quickly reassured that he in fact has more money in his other bank and that he will surely be able to get more than just a sucker!

Oh, the joy returns!!


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