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floor update


so we were replacing the floor in the eating area
we wanted to get rid of the ugly linoleum

the floor is also really unlevel
so we planned on leveling it out
and a bit bouncy
so we planned on reinforcing it

but once we got the plywood up
we found this

that would be a rotted out floor joist
not much for supporting a floor

this is the other side

so yeah

one whole joist in the middle of the floor
was not attached on either side
there are a couple of others that we also not sturdy

so now we’re doing this


pretty much rebuilding the whole floor from scratch

it’s already more sturdy
with only 3 joists
and nothing over it

maybe by thanksgiving we’ll have it done

if no one else falls in



so we’re replacing the floor in the eating area

see there where the insulation is no more

that’s ’cause i fell through there

various bumps and bruises
i think i jammmed the ring finger on my right hand
and this

probably a nail
maybe a staple
something went into my hand

two stitches and a tetnus shot

tomorrow afternoon i get to take the bandage off

maybe i’ll give you a shot of that too