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newest project



we just can’t leave well enough alone


here’s our latest endeavour into home improvement


the next step is to remove the tub
not sure exactly how we’re going to get that done

then we will have to rip out all the piping
replace the subfloor under the tub
(and maybe more…we’ll see)

we’re putting in just a shower base
and tiling the walls
with a glass sliding door over the whole opening

hopefully i can make it look
like i can imagine it

pardon the interruption


due to the fact that someone thought
it would be a good idea to remodel
during the most insanely hectic time of year


your regularly scheduled blog-cast
will not be heard (read?) today

or yesterday, or last week, or the week before
you get the idea

and while the floor is done
(and has been for awhile)
once one has new floors
it makes the walls look embarrassing

so here’s a small glimpse of what’s been going on


and just to get it off my chest
i hate painting beadboard!

finished (mostly)



there was much joy when the flooring started going in
finally freedom to run at will

and here’s the final product


it feels really good to have it done
we are still waiting on the trim
hopefully it won’t be too much longer

in the meantime we’ve added this to the corner


it’s an old cast iron wood stove
i think it belonged to chris’s great-grandparents
somewhere around the turn of the century


i love finding things like this
and trying to figure out their history


sherman s. jewett came to buffalo in 1834
and worked in a small foundry owned by his uncle
in 1836 he started his own with a couple of other men
several years later he started another foundry
in partnership with another man
2 years later his partner backed out
and jewett ran the company alone
until 1843 when one of his original partners rejoined him
this business lasted another 35 years (1878)
when he formed the house of
sherman s. jewett & co.
with a couple of his sons

he was instrumental in the creation of
the banking industry
the railroad
and insurance companies
as well being active with
the young men’s association
the building of the public library
and the founding of the buffalo fine arts academy
he was also influential in bringing olmstead
to create a park system in buffalo that survives to this day

he was active in both local and national government
and very influential in the development of buffalo
during it’s high times as the queen city

jewett died in 1897
and was reportedly worth $2 million

see i get sucked in by this stuff
and spend a whole afternoon
searching for information
and then i have nothing to do with it
except share it here

(wow – this got way off topic)

floor update, take 2


thursday, november 6


saturday, november 8


zachy checking for level

sunday, november 9


check out the levelness of it all!!

monday, november 10

the final piece

now all we have left
is to lay the laminate floor
fix up the walls
and put everything back

hopefully this weekend
we will be able to check this one
off our list