long road


from here

to here

7 months

christopher spent the entire baseball season on the sidelines with a fractured elbow
he got in one practice (at half speed) before his team traveled to cooperstown for a week long tournament

i wasn’t sure what his participation would be

he got to do a lot of this before games

and this during games thanks to unlimited runner substitutions

his team did well, really well
and with scores like this

he got to do a little of this

and even some of this

it was an amazing experience for these boys to play against teams from all over the u.s.
104 teams in all
and after 3 days of pool play they ended up ranked first for the tournament

they won their first two games and then lost in the round of 8
better than any team from clarence has ever done
‘1000%’ past all expectations (in the words of their coach)

but the highlight for us (and everyone else i’ve talked with) was this:

a walk off home run to end the second playoff game
his first home run e.v.e.r.

a moment

a memory
for a lifetime

(thank you jen for capturing it on video so we could share it with everyone!)

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  1. well i just got a little teary.

    and i can’t believe we get to see him in a few hours!

    we’ve recently found quite a few drawings from do-do. i think we’ll bring them along. : )

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