in indy


we got to spend a couple of days in indy with my family over the holidays

always good to be with family

all good family gatherings should start with a nerf war, right?

someone's getting ambushed!

there was also a lot of game playing – didn’t seem to get any pictures of that though…

ready to sled!

retrieving the sled from the woods - note to self: at the top of the hill one must hold on to the sled!

this was the first time for some (most likely the only time any remember) and they had a blast

wish that i had video of the very first ride – cj & timmy had no idea what they were doing
ended up heading straight for a bump? ramp? not sure what it was, but they caught some serious air – it was really hilarious!!

we also visited the  Children’s Muesum of Indianapolis

the dinosphere

it was a bit loud for some

exploring in dinosphere

becoming a t-rex

like most museums of its kind it had way more to see and do than we could in the day that we had

waiting in line for the slide

awesome water clock with slide in the background

somehow i missed them going DOWN the slide!

listening to a story

watching the rube goldberg machine - timmy could have stayed there for hours

more of the machine

three story glass sculpture

images from the ceiling

which just means that we’ll have to go back again sometime!


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