life experience


christopher had his first experience with school sports
he tried out for the modified soccer team

he made the first round of cuts

but not the team

it was a new experience for him

we tried to keep expectations low
knowing that the team is mainly 8th graders

but several of his friends did make the team

i think that’s what made it difficult

my hope is that he can take this experience
and become stronger for it
not bitter and angry

the period of greatest gain in knowledge and experience
is the most difficult period in one’s life.
through a difficult period you can learn;
you can develop inner strength, determination,
and courage to face the problems.

the dalai lama

and it seems to me he’s responded in this way
he has been attending a couple of skill development programs
and i think, if nothing else, they have helped his confidence

and next year – just something else to look forward to


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  1. Yep, getting cut is tough. Had to deal with it more than once (especially in basketball for some odd reason). It does teach you that not everything is handed to you, and can definitely serve as a motivator to get better. Let him know I’m rooting for him to make it next year (and baseball is more important anyway).

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