grandpa and grandma visited recently
and except for some initial car troubles
things went well!

photo by grandma

with only one car there was need for some creative plans
with boys who needed to be in very different places at the same time

games at the soccer fields works just fine

though some better than others:

it never ceases to amaze me how much more effective i feel when they’re here


everything seems to go soooo much better
there seems to be extra hours in my day

i guess if i had a couple of clones of my self every day would be so nice

this time, in addition to being productive
and watching a bazillion sporting events
we took a trip to a local u-pick and got some blueberries

this place is so close
and the prices are so reasonable

i found myself wondering why i don’t go more often

but after several trips to the bathroom

i realized that it’s another one of those things
that’s easier with more than one adult


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