self awareness


i think all of my boys are pretty self-aware
we talk a lot about feelings, ideas, thoughts
how they relate to each other
and the kind of person one wants to be

timmy has recently made his self-awareness known

after a full season of both soccer and baseball
he has decided (and vocalized independent of any inquiry)
that he does not like baseball
and he l.o.v.e.s. soccer


the boy plays it any chance he has

and even though he played baseball well

5 hits on 5 swings
maybe 6 or 7 pitches
doesn’t have the patience to wait
lack of patience i think is key here
in the ‘not so fond of the game’ arena

a won a championship
(the first 8c clarence ‘b’ team to do so…ever)

his heart’s not in the game
at least not to the same extent as soccer

so we will find him more soccer to play

and he has expressed some interest in basketball
so we will pursue that as well

i’m glad that he doesn’t feel confined by his brother’s choices
and that he feels free to tell us he doesn’t want to do something
even when he thinks it’s what we want him to do
(which is why he tried out for baseball in the first place)


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