chris had a week off work in july
lots got done around the house

not much relaxing though

on friday we took the boys to letchworth
for some hiking and together time

there is a gorge through which the genessee river flows
there are several waterfalls
and lots of trails

we ate lunch before starting our ‘hike’

makes for much happier hikers

it had rained recently
so there was a lot of water
and mud

lots of cool rocks
and walls
and paths to follow

there are 3 waterfalls
upper, middle and lower
we started at the lower falls

there is  a trail that you can hike along the gorge
that will take you to all 3 falls
but i think it was like 6 miles long
our time and smaller legs did not allow for such a trek
so drove around to get to the upper falls next

at one point along the walk we found a centipede/millipede kind of bug
everyone checked it out and then moved on
except benjamin
who at one point was lying on the ground
just watching it

i told him we had to move on

‘but i’m just watching this bug, momma’

‘everyone else has left’

‘i just wanna watch a little bit’

‘but we need to go now – you can watch bugs at home’

looking up at me sternly ‘not this bug!’

too true buddy, too true

lots of neat places along the way to snap pictures

an aside:

more than any other hand-me-downs
the shoes seem to catch me
i can never believe that this small person
is now wearing the shoes that his much bigger brother once wore

not so little anymore

the upper falls had a railroad bridge behind them
when we were parking there was actually a train going across
always a source of excitement in a car full of boys

we only spent a couple of hours there
and there is so much that we didn’t do
but that just leaves something for next time


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