we’ve finally joined the rest of the world
and have weather that allows us to enjoy the outdoors once again
(though it still gets really cold at nite – like 36!)

the first visitors to our animal sanctuary are usually these ducks

this year the boys fed them so they came closer than they had in the past

this was another fun one!
i didn’t realize that garter snakes sunned themselves in trees
(or bushes as the case may be)

it also means the beginning of ‘project’ season

this year includes a garden

and a fort!

(for starters…)


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  1. i think that i would have passed out if i saw that snake in my yard. holy cow…..don’t surprise me like that ang! i’m just reading this blog and all of the sudden there it is sitting there in your bush! Blahhhh. If you can’t tell, I have a slight FEAR of snakes!

    • you would have loved what i found in the basement the other day – went down to check the breaker box and there was a snake stuck on a glue trap that our exterminators left for mice! YUCK!! gladly it was already dead…not sure i could have handled it while it was still alive

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