cheap entertainment



the inexpensive local movie theater has shows for $3
at least for now wednesdays are $1.50
that’s hard to pass up


the line went out of the building
but was moving relatively quickly

it was one of those theaters that you could buy a ticket for one movie
and then easily theater-hop and stay there all day without anyone noticing
the theater empty/refill process was rather chaotic
but we found seats easily (and they weren’t too sticky)


they had booster seats for the little one which was a definite help
i only had one on my lap at a time
by the end of the movie they were both ready to go
(still kind of a stretch for them)
but everyone seemed to have a good time

and for $6 bucks i don’t think you can beat that!

(thanks to christopher who offered to pay so that we could go!)


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