one day


that’s how long it took

i finally took his pedals off because i was tired of hearing

it’s too hard…i can’t do it…i’ll be the only person in the world never to learn

zachary’s been flying around without pedals for months so i thought it was worth a try


and less than 24 hours after taking timmy’s pedals off he decided that he’d like to try with them on again

and he did it no problems!

now there’s no stopping him
he’d ride around our driveway in circles all day if i let him

he begs all the time to go for rides


the other day we went to the library and the park


zachary went half way on his bike
as far as the school


we parked his bike there and went the rest of the way in the trailer with benjamin


we made it catastrophie free

after getting our books we went to a near by park to play for a bit

DSC03813 DSC03810 DSC03812

it was a little hot
but fun was had
and we got away from the house for a bit


hopefully we’ll have a few more opportunities before school starts

(and maybe next time i’ll be even more prepared and bring lunch for a picnic!)


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  1. oh, yes. i remember this so fondly with micah cruising with his feet flying like fred flinstone.

    not sure what eliza wants to do!

    and THANK YOU for posting all these wonderful images.

    • Theory is that they will learn to balance better if they are not also worrying about the pedaling part – it seems to have worked in our case!

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