guardian angels


sometime after moving to buffalo
i was in the car with the boys
(only 2 then)
i don’t remember the exact words
but christopher said
something about a hole in the clouds
and seeing uncle ethan climbing up into them

i don’t know whether he was talking about that moment
or a memory
or a dream

but it made me think
about the important people in my life
who’ve passed on

and where they are

and i like to imagine them around me
my guardian angels

and there have been many times
times in the car where i haven’t been paying close enough attention
times when the kids have been in dangerous situations
that could have been tragic
but have come out ok

and then i know they’re there
keeping me and mine safe

this was another one of those times


benjamin was out playing on the deck with his bat and ball
the phone rang and i went to get it

i was only gone a minute

isn’t that what they always say?
but it was really no time at all

and then i heard him crying
and it wasn’t a normal cry

i ran outside and saw him on the other side of the yard
hanging on for dear life to the grass at the edge of the pond


he had fallen in

i ran over and pulled him out
he was completely wet from head to toe
he had gone all the way under
somehow pulled himself out to where i’d found him

he kept saying
coldy, coldy coldy!


i didn’t want him to be scard to go in the back yard
so after we took a bath i took him back out
and we walked over to the pond

he was holding. on. tight.
but he made it
and we talked about not going close to the water
but this time
i think he may have had a better understanding


and once again i thought of my angels


and thanked them. again


3 responses »

  1. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagggggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

    yes, yes, yes…all those “only a minutes” we all do.

    have you seen “city of angels?” it’s been years, but parts of that movie stay with me….i may have to rent it again.

    love you!

  2. Oh, sweetie, I know that you have many gaurdian angels around you, and you are right, they are always looking out for you. It sucks to be surrounded by so much death, but I do agree with you that they are around, looking out for those whom they loved.

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