hello again



it seems that it’s been forever


i guess because it has
a month and a half to be exact


skills have been learned





weather patterns have changed




several times

play times have evolved

characters have developed



much fun has been had


there have been changes around here

i am no longer delivering papers everynight
there was problems with renewing my contract
and since benjamin no longer came with me

which was one of the major factors
in taking the job originally

working every day had really lost its appeal


so now i’m back at tim hortons
just 2 nights a week
seems to be good in a ‘for now’ kind of way

and now i get to bake too – i made everything in that picture

that leaves me with more time and energy for these 4

dsc01936 dsc01937
dsc01941 dsc01938

but it also meant that daily routines are no longer the same
and i’m still trying to work out things like grocery shopping

since i have no desire to get up at 5 am to do it

and time for blogging

catastrophes like the washing machine breaking
and taking a week to try and fix then finally replacing it
then trying to play catch up with laundry

which i can’t keep up with in the first place

have definitely added to the chaos

but i feel like i’m getting there
and settling into a new normal
and enjoying being outside once again

except for the past 3 days
which have been rainy and cold again
but supposedly this is it
and by the weekend we’re looking at 70s!!


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