stuffed comfort


last night during our bedtime routine
zachary was divying up the stuffed animals
and he cam across this


he asked
who’s this one?

i told him it was mine

i told him my mom and dad gave it to me
when i was about his age
when i was getting rid of my binkie

(i think that’s the story, right?)

he looked puzzled for a bit
but where’s me?

i asked him what he meant

where’s me in this story?

i explained to him that he wasn’t born yet
he wasn’t in the story because it was before him

he did not accept this answer

but what about me?
can’t i be at least one or something?

i had to smile

and of course i told him
that he could most definitely be one in this story

after which he promptly closed his eyes
and fell asleep


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  1. oh, i love this. eliza seems pretty confused when looking at photo albums from before she was born. yesterday she threw one across the room and said, “it’s no fair there was a time i wasn’t born.”

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