flight 3407


i sat down to do a long overdue update
but i’ve found that i can’t

i’m overwhelmed by what has happened

is happening

not far from my house

there was a plane that crashed into a house
about 2.5 miles from where i sit

it happened last night around 10:20

and it still seems surreal

maybe it’s the dark
maybe it’s because i can hear planes flying over my head as a type
maybe it’s because there are no answers yet
maybe it’s because i haven’t talked with anyone yet

i’m sure it will sink in

but i guess in some ways it has

i haven’t really been able to sleep
i can feel the adrenalin running through my body

i’ve thought a lot about my reaction

i don’t think it’s solely because a plane crashed in my town
there are a lot of people around me sleeping
i don’t think it’s because planes fly over my house every day
my husband is sleeping right now and he’s the one that usually worries

so i’ve been thinking

and i think it’s because there was a man on the news last night
who’s sister was on the plane

she was coming home from law school in florida
he was at soccer practice
another sister was at the airport waiting

and he heard about the crash and went to the town hall
where all the news people were
and all the local officials and emergency personnel were
to see what he could learn

when asked what he was feeling he said that he was thinking about
what to tell his two young kids
and the fact that he was going to have to call his parents
who were on vacation in florida
and about his mom having to return home to this

and i think that made it all too real for me

maybe i have unresolved feelings
or maybe i just know
that thinking response that supersedes feeling
in the moment

but that doesn’t last forever

so send your extra thoughts and prayers

to this man
and his sister
and their parents

and all the others affected by this tragedy

they have a long road to travel


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  1. I’m so glad I got to talk with you this morning. It’s crazy that we both had the same reaction to that man’s story. I had a tightness in my chest/lump in my throat for most of the day today–just couldn’t get all of this out of my head. I’m thinking that I will write to them.

    Love you.

  2. I hope that I never truely know how you two (and your family) feel when you hear about tragedies like this. It’s extremely scarey that situations like this happen everyday, but Ang, I’m glad that you and your family are safe, and hopefully they can find a reason for why the plane crashed. I love you both, and you know if either of you need to talk, or need to take your mind of things, I’m always here to listen, crack an appropriate joke, or just give you a hug. Whatever you need…

  3. Wow…that’s really all I can say. I flew at 6am the very next morning…and my sister was waiting at the airport for me. As I was arriving to celebrate my niece’s birthday.

    I am always thankful when the airplane is safely on the ground. And I am still anxious when the girls make even that short trip from Manhattan to Lincoln. I’m always just waiting for the car to come safely around the corner.

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