snow fun



chris and the older boys had been playing hockey outside
zachary joined them at the end
and then after the game he stayed 0ut with cj
and played in the snow


they made snow angels
chased each other
and had a snowball fight

sort of

this is how it worked

zachary would pick up a huge piece of snow
go over to cj and ask

derfer, i throw this snow at you?

christopher would say yes and turn his back to zachary
who would proceed to throw the snow at his back
and then run away
giggling and saying i got you, derfer! i got you!!

then christopher would make a snow ball
and throw it at zachary
but mostly missing him
which would make zachy giggle even more
you missed me, derfer! you missed!!


they did this over and over
it was like watching something in slow motion
they really are 2 peas in a pod


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