first day of winter


has come and gone


and left us with quite a gift!!
yes those are drifts on our rooftop!

that is not the flash on the snow – there was no flash used

can you tell what that is?
here’s a clue


remember these?
now they look like this



we were supposed to get 3-6″
we got closer to 12″
gotta’ love that lake!!
which brings the total to about 2′
i’m glad that i still like snow
this time of year
or i’d be miserable!!

here’s a shot of my short lived victory
over the mountain that is our driveway
after the first snowfall earlier in the week


i always feel such a sense of accomplishment when i get it cleared
until i go in the house to get my camera
and come out to a driveway
that is already recovered in an inch or two of snow

but i do love the first snows of the season


when the world is covered in white
everything seems muted
and calm
and peaceful


and if it’s not too cold
i like to stand outside
and just listen to the quiet



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  1. Wow! Lights UNDER the snow?! What a wonderful scene. I’m right there with you, outside, loving the quiet that snow brings. I’m glad you love it too!

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