i listen to the early morning news
as i’m delivering the papers
one of the things that they announce each morning
is where in the country gas prices are the highest and the lowest

for a brief period wichita was the lowest
and i felt happy for my friends and family who are near there

for a less-brief period buffalo was the highest

and when i say the highest
i’m not talking pennies

i’m talking 50-60 cents higher than the national average

and i felt sad for myself
and a bit confused as to the reasons

it seems there were others who were feeling the same
because there were inquiries and investigations and whatnot
tho’ i don’t know that there was ever an answer to all the questions

i think the best that the gas companies could come up with
is that we are at the end of a pipeline so we have to pay more

is there only one pipeline?
shouldn’t there be others in the same situation at the end of other pipelines?

and along the same vein
why then do we have to pay twice as much for electricity
when we live next to the biggest source of electric power
for the whole country
i think the gas and electric comanies better get their heads together and get on the same page ’cause we’re getting a raw deal!


my motivation for this post is that we are no longer the highest in the country

and we’ve dropped below $2!!


so where are the rest of you by now?


(i’m waiting for that day again! but not holding my breath!!)


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  1. We’re currently around $1.75, but we have been as low as $1.33. Obviously local taxes play a part to discrepancies around the country, but that does seem like a lot!

  2. I think $1.49 is the lowest I’ve seen it here. It seems to be creeping up again, I think I saw $1.63 today…

  3. Oh wait. I just realized that it’s finals week and some students are probably already going home for Christmas. That explains the rise in price. It happens every year.

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