the mind of a 3 year old


i love my dee
it is blue and white
it is my flavolit
it has tlinagles
i love my dee

* * * * *

my back is gettin hot
when your back is hot
you need ice cream

(after lying on the couch under a flannel blanket in the middle of summer…)

* * * * *

i not stealing it
i just sneaking it

(after taking his brother’s toys out of the sacred closet)

* * * * *

we can’t go outside momma
there is squoylls out there

(ummm…too much over the hedge?)

* * * * *

i love chocyat

is chocolate good for you?

(quizzical loo)

does chocolate help you grow?

no, chochyet doesn’t help me grow, it just makes me happy!


2 responses »

  1. He knows his dee very well. I guess the replacement will have to have tlinagles.
    Amazing kid that understands the importance of chocyat!

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