we’ve reached a couple of milestones in the last few days

and what i’ve found
is that i celebrate these

there’s joy in the accomplishment
and celebration in the new independence that they allow

and (i think) no sense of loss
no sadness for the babies that are no more
(does that mean 4 is enough?)

benjamin doesn’t talk
he says mama, yeah and no
for this he is starting speech

in the meantime i have been working with him
pushing him to use signs
rather than pointing and saying mmmm, mmmm, mmmm

yesterday for the first time
he came to me and independently
(without verbal and/or physical prompting)
and did this

and while his execution is seriously flawed
he and i both know this means help me mama!
we definitely did a celebration dance for this one

on a wholly different front
for the last several days
zachary has been gonig and putting on a pull up
all on his own
instead of making a disgustiong mess in his underware
and while it’s not the ultimate end result
it is definitely a wonderful step in the right direction
serious dancing for that one too

no – this picture does not have anything to do with the above info
it’s a picture of timmy and zachy playing spy at grandpa’s house

and a bonus pic of benjamin playing at grandpa’s
with a football that is bigger than he is


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