welcome fall


we’ve been lucky enough
to have a beautifully mild fall
it has given us the chance to spend time outside
which we didn’t seem to get to do a lot of this summer

benjamin loves bugs
so he was having the time of his life
when i was removing some logs
that we’d been using as bed borders

i wish i had a picture of his reaction
when i rolled the log away to the edge of the street
you’d of thought i’d stolen his favorite toy
wait – maybe i did…oops!
his big brothers came to the rescue
and they found lots of bugs left behind

i’m struck by the “mirror image”
that this picture makes in my mind
past and present

i was absolutely amazed
by timmy’s focus and dedication
to raking leaves
and sweeping the driveway
with the promise of this at the end

i guess a little motivation goes a long way!

and it is also almost unbelievable to me
that 2 years ago to the day
this is what we were doing



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