fun run


the elementary fun run that the school district hosts each year
in conjunction with the homecoming week festivities
was this past saturday

the weather was perfect

chilly but not cold
perfect fall weather

the k-1-2’s run first
timmy was near the front
not in first but in the top 4 or 5
until he came to the water station

yeah – i think he stood there for a good 30 seconds to a minute
just drinking his water
and watching everyone pass him by
he totally cracks me up

he cam in right around 8:20 – not bad
and notice the girl and her mom who passed him at the water table!

cj came in around 7:20
he didn’t even grab a cup to drink on the run


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  1. Ang, I agree. How can you have too much nature. If you’ve just camped for a week, and been without a toilet or shower, then I would understand. But 4 hours on a hike? Are you kidding me!? She does need to go back to the salon.

    I love nature, I just can’t figure out how 4 hours outdoors could be too much for anyone…unless you were allergic to the sun…

  2. oh – not 4 hours – 2 hours! 2 freakin’ measly hours – and all they were doing was walking around…really??? this is why i don’t involve myself in the pta!

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